The organisational structure of our Team is adequate to provide comprehensive legal services in various areas of law to business entities and individual clients, including foreign nationals. 

We successfully combine diversity with the specialisations that we have been working in for years - general specialisation of our Law Firm which focuses on insurance claims, and individual specialisations of each attorney (transport law, penal law, family law, etc.).

We invite you to review the profile of our activity

Insurance claims

Our Team provides legal assistance in the form of representing the interests of the insured and claimants throughout the process of claims from insurers - both in the area of property losses and personal losses. We take all required actions so that our Clients can get the damages due to them - starting from lodging claims to following up when the claim is reviewed by the insurer until initiating court proceedings (when damages are refused in whole or in part).


We are also involved in issues related to carriage, forwarding contracts - in the context of Polish and international law ( Convention on the Contract for the International Carriage of Goods by Road - CMR Convention). We support our Clients for instance in cases related to the organisation and liability in transport, claiming remuneration for carriage services, handling of transport losses, etc. We also arrange training dedicated to entities operating in the transport sector.

Civil law

We are involved in civil law in a broad sense with specific focus on contract law (contract conclusion and performance, failure to perform contracts or incorrect performance), property law (ownership tight, protection of ownership rights, protection of possession, dissolution of co-ownership) and inheritance law (confirmation of inheritance acquisition, inheritance division, legitime and disinheritance).

Judicial proceedings

The nature of activity pursued by MGM Adwokaci requires that we often resort to Courts. We treat each such case as cooperation with the judiciary. As a result, we are proud with our extensive and fruitful experience in civil, penal and administrative proceedings where we always act a buffer to protect our Clients’ interests.

Criminal cases

In our practice we have been successfully representing our Clients in criminal proceedings where we acted as defense attorneys or legal representatives. Our experience tells us that such cases require specific commitment and involvement in all related activities - starting with the activities with the Prosecutor's Office or the Police and ending with the participation in the trial. With such approach to the issue of criminal cases, we have effectively protected our Clients against the negative effects of criminal proceedings that often result from inappropriate interpretation by law enforcement authorities.

Family law

We also specialise in issues related to family law including also cross-border aspects (parental abductions, cases relating to minors with the involvement of foreign nationals). In our team, it is Attorney Piotr Sałagan who is responsible for such issues in our Team - on a daily basis he advises, conducts negotiations, is involved in mediation and court proceedings related to family matters, e.g. divorces, cases related to minors (to determine the place of actual residence, to determine and exercise contacts, parental authority, alimony or alternating case), in cases related to division of property. He is also involved in criminal cases related to family law, domestic violence or alimony. He has extensive and long-term procedural experience. Piotr attends multiple conferences and workshops concerning parental rights and child case.

Regular services to business entities

A number of our Clients are businesspeople who require legal support to their daily business activities. We have been successfully providing services to such Clients not only advising them in issues related to their business activity (contract verification and drafting, legal opinions, debt collection, support in negotiations) and also we are involved in cases related to corporate and registration matters (starting from setting up various forms of businesses, modifying entries to the registers and ending with liquidation of businesses).

Labour law

The protection of employers’ and employees’ rights in today’s world is a subject that often poses major problems. Therefore, our Team helps in correct drafting, interpretation of employment contracts and other documents that are material for employment relations (e.g. work and remuneration regulations) and we take the required measures to protect our Clients’ rights (both employers and employees). Our practice in that area covers for instance complicated issues related to remuneration to drivers and their working hours, accidents at work and the resultant consequences.