Wojciech Gręba
specialist for loss adjustment

An insurance specialist by choice since 1978. Having worked in a sales department of insurance products, in 1984 he opened a Claims Advisory Office to represent victims against monopolistic practices of insurance companies PZU and TUiR WARTA at the time.

Despite much pressure on the part of the insurers, the Office kept attracting new Clients who did not have to lose their time and peace of mind in order to obtain the damages due to them.  Despite the fact that many new insurers have entered the Polish market over the last 30 years and despite aggressive and not fully accurate advertising spots, the sense of professional representation of claimants in loss adjustment procedures continues to be necessary to obtain the rightfully due compensation.  He has had such offer with a guarantee of success since the beginning of his professional activity, now within MGM Adwokaci.


  1. insurance claims: motor, personal losses and losses in transport,
  2. representation of people insured and victims in loss adjustment proceedings with insurance companies,
  3. transport law, including comprehensive services to transport and forwarding companies, including all specific features of the sectors,
  4. business insurance law with specific focus on motor civil liability insurance, collision insurance and civil liability of road carriers.