Piotr Sałagan

Graduate of the Faculty of Law and Administration at the University of Warsaw. He completed the studies with honours.  A lawyer with many years of experience that he gained in leading law firms in Warsaw, specialising in servicing business entities and natural persons.  Since 2013 a member of the Bar Association in Warsaw. Since September 2018 employed with MGM Adwokaci Law Firm.

Within his extensive practice, judicial disputes and mediation are in his focus of interest.  One of his core specialisations includes civil law issues (inheritance law, real estate properties) and family law, including international cases.  Due to his fluent knowledge of English, he willingly becomes involved in cases involving foreign nationals (parental abduction, cases of minors with the involvement of foreigners, the Hague Convention. He cooperates with family mediators, psychologists and educators.

He has extensive and long-term procedural experience. Piotr attends multiple conferences and workshops concerning civil and family law.


  1. family law: divorce and separation cases, cases related to minors (determining the actual place residence, determining and exercising of contacts, parental authority, alimony or alternating care), cases related to division of property,
  2. criminal law: for instance, criminal cases related to family law, domestic violence and alimony, protection of reputation,
  3. judicial proceedings in civil, family and criminal cases,
  4. services for business entities.